Random Daily Reminders
of Your Personal Affirmations
Random Daily Reminders
of Your Personal Affirmations
Random Daily Reminders
of Your Personal Affirmations

Do I Need to Have My Affirmations List Completed Before I Signup?

No, you can start you list during signup, or you can start the list after completing signup. You can also select affirmations from our list.

Can I Turn My Reminders Off?

Yes, you can turn your reminders off and set the date you would like them to resume.

Can I Turn Off Specific Days of the Week?

Yes, you can turn any day of the week on or off.

How Long Is My Subscription?

If you are paying monthly, you commit to one month at a time. You can cancel at any time before your next monthly billing date. If you are paying annually, you commit to one year at a time. You can cancel anytime before your annual renewal date.

Can I Make Changes to My Affirmations List?

Yes, you can make changes to your affirmations list at any time.

How Many Reminders Will I Receive Each Day?

The number of reminders you receive per day depends on four things: the plan you select (1-3 reminders per day), whether the day of the week is turned on or off, and the interval you set for resending specific person reminders. If you create a low number of reminders and/or a high interval for resending specific reminders, you may not receive any reminders on some days.

Can I Have More than 10 Affirmations on My List?

Yes, you can choose a plan that allows up to 100 affirmations on your list.

What Are Earliest and Latest Daily Reminder Times?

You set the earliest and the latest time of day for receiving reminders.

Can I Turn Off a Send Mode?

You can turn each of the four send modes -- emails, text messages, text messages with images, and phone calls -- on or off.